Residential Structures

manufactures steel frames residential homes compliant under US Construction Codes, Commercial Buildings, including strip mall commercial structures and warehouses.

When strength, durability and quality are the important selection factors, SteelHomes™ and steel buildings are the natural choices for brick-veneer and direct-clad construction of homes and similar low-rise residential buildings.

With steel framed structures – the most effective choice is galvanized Light Gauge Steel for the frame to add durability and longevity of the structure – Steel Frame Benefits. The frame bears or transfers all wind loads and most dead and live loads to which the structure is subjected. It also supports all cladding and lining materials and most fixtures.
Such an important function, as described above, dictates that the frame should always be made from durable materials, with no less than 50 years’ expected defect-free life. The manner in which most structures are designed and constructed currently makes it impossible to inspect many parts of the frame, including wall frames, intermediate floor framing and cathedral ceiling structures.

The frame provides the strength, stiffness and geometric stability of the building. Its ability to stay straight and square indefinitely, through varying seasons with temperature and humidity changes, is vital to just about everything attached to it – such as the brick exterior skin, roof tiles or sheeting, window units, door frames, plasterboard wall linings, ceramic tiles and so on.

Superficial and so-called “nuisance” defects in these materials, like sticking doors and windows, brickwork and cornice cracks, nail popping in wall linings and sagging roof lines, are often traced to instability in the frame. While these defects may not threaten the structural integrity of the home, their contribution to the overall cost of ownership and loss of its value can be significant.
Unique Features

1. The main technical features of Prefabricated PermaStructures systems are:
  • PermaStructures and steel Residential structures are much lighter than concrete structures. 
  • PermaStructures and steel Residential structures are totally pre-designed in our proprietary 3D software space. 
  • PermaStructures and steel Residential structures automated production fabrication of the components. 
  • PermaStructures and steel Residential structures use of the central-core system for medium and height buildings. 
2. The main advantages of Prefabricated PermaStructures from an architectural point of view are:
  • PermaStructures and steel Residential buildings have faster construction. 
  • PermaStructures and steel Residential buildings have fewer problems to solve at the construction site. 
  • PermaStructures and steel Residential buildings have Consistent quality production. 
  • PermaStructures and steel Residential buildings have ability to build up to 20 floors with light gauge steel. 
PermaStructures believes homebuyers and building practitioners should adopt the same definitions when it comes to the quality of the homes in which they share a common interest:
  • Consumer Quality. 
  • Asset or Product Quality. 
  • Reasonable Maintenance. 
PermaStructures homes are designed according to the requirements of our customers.
  • PermaStructures dimensions: these are according to our customer needs and or requirements, but we can basically work on any size, e.g. houses 1,200 sq ft or 5,000 sq ft. 
  • PermaStructures External Doors: these are security type with steel frame or customized to client. 
  • PermaStructures Interior Doors: the material we use to build our doors with is WPVC, wood or customized to client. 
  • PermaStructures Windows: our Windows are aluminum or PVC made in USA. 
  • PermaStructures Kitchen: American style kitchens with different option including 4 burners gas stove, dishwasher with taps and a refrigerator or customized to client. 
  • PermaStructures Baths: All bathrooms come with their sanitary ware equipment and water taps or customized to client.